Monday, December 27, 2004

How to increase your website traffic for free

Getting your website up and running is the first step towards getting web presence.
Once you site is up and running you will need to have it crawled by search engines and this can take upto about 8 weeks. There are various search engines that you can submit your url for example:

Some search engines require that you pay, I do not want to pay for the search engines to index my site. So I really want free stuff. The idea is to have one of the search engines to crawl your website and index it.
Once you have been indexed by at least one of the major search engines, then you will 'found' by the other ones easily.
I had to manually add my site to about 6 search engines and the results were good. After one day, I had already been crawled, I also asked web masters with high traffic to add my website link to their site this help me be found easily.
So all it means is that you need to do some tedious digging on google and yahoo to promote your site if you want to do it for free.
Also ask your friends to visit your website and keep it posted on a regular basis to ensure your visitors come back.
Write me at (At) gmail . com to share your tactics, ideas, comments etc.

Useful Links: .....has free tools and simulators to help with your website.


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